The institutors have invested their time, effort and patience to fulfill their dream to provide maximal output to the clients in this fourth industrial revolution arena.

MR Zahidul Islam


Mr. Zahidul Islam’s Chairman of the Board. He has been serving as executive chairman of JMJ Code since the inception of the company in 2016 till date. Mr. Zahidul Islam has been a member of the Board since 2016.  Mr. Zahidul Islam’s presence as a member of the Board brings his thorough knowledge of the company into the board’s strategic and policy-making discussions. He brings his extensive experience in finance, digital marketing and executive roles in the information technology industry into deliberations regarding the company’s strategy and operations.

MR Md. Salahuddin Mahmud


Mr. Md. Salahuddin Mahmud is the managing director of JMJ Code leads on its Board of Directors, is responsible for JMJ Code’s day-to-day-operations, as well as to lead the company’s product & service development and technology strategy. He is a valiant fighter, and has been recognized as one of the pioneer entrepreneur in the software industry. He has been successfully leading a promising team to the global forefront to build up the name of Bangladesh as one of the upcoming countries in the field of Information Technology.

MR Jakaria Muhammed Jakir

Founder & CEO

Since 2015, Mr. Jakaria Muhammed Jakir , as an ERP specialist, has held various management positions within the organization and spent his time developing all aspects of the ERP provider strategy. Since June 2019, Mr. Jakaria Muhammed Jakir has been the Founder & CEO of JMJ Code and, in this role, has been responsible for the entire ERP business area of the JMJ Code in Bangladesh. As one of the core members of the board, he consistently promotes the development of the organization and its ongoing growth course through visionary ideas and goals.

MR Shahid Md. Azizul Hoque


For over 3 years, MR. Shahid Md. Azizul Hoque has been utilizing his extensive ERP expertise to build the company’s success. He has occupied the position of Director (Product and Technology) since June 2016. In this role, he is responsible for all projects and project departments across locations and is involved in the steering groups for a variety of client projects. His aim is to design the launching of new projects to be even more successful and more goal-orientated. He is only happy when clients are advised on equal terms as professionally and efficiently as possible.

We are visionary to create a platform that enables businesses to avail technology as supplement for their growth and development.


We have pledged to deliver the best to our clients through prominent practical and dependable technological solutions. We cherish and nurture our interactions with every stakeholder of the business. As we operate on the standpoint “Every Client Matters”, high quality work is prerequisite for every task. We heartily believe that a happy and satisfied customer ensures success, long term engagement and works, a key to generate more business. And we humbly commit to live up to our values.


We deal with different confidential information of our clients. When we take a contract, it becomes our allegiance to keep information safe to value the respect and trust of our clients.


Teamwork allows every employee to give their best to work as it fortifies communication and flow of ideas.


We provide variety of services to different businesses where commitment to each client is eminent. We build relationship-bridge with clients basing on trust and encourage employees to go above and beyond no matter what.


We have a dedicated team who proactively communicate in order to provide supreme customer support. To drive the quality and ensure customer satisfaction, we always focus on utmost customer centricity.


Fairness, transparency and sincerity are strictly maintained in every contract and transactions.


We take on challenges with the commitment and take pride in the execution.